Advantages of GreenPlains LDPE Pipe: Efficient and Durable Solution for Agricultural Irrigation Systems


GreenPlains LDPE pipe - white exterior and black inner offers multiple advantages for agricultural irrigation systems. The white exterior deflects sunlight, effectively reducing the temperature inside the pipe and creating an optimal environment. Simultaneously, the opaque black inner layer prevents light penetration, effectively preventing algae growth and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the system.
Our pipes are manufactured using 100% virgin materials and are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This material provides excellent resistance to corrosion from most acidic and alkaline substances, ensuring a long lifespan. Whether used for field irrigation or horticultural cultivation, our LDPE pipe delivers reliable performance, offering efficient and long-lasting support for your agricultural irrigation system.


Black LDPE pipe is also produced using 100% virgin materials and is made of high-quality LDPE. It exhibits outstanding resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, making it suitable for various applications such as agricultural irrigation, horticultural cultivation, and other water supply systems. This pipe ensures the safe transmission and efficient utilization of water resources.

Product Features

- Safety and Environmental Friendliness
LDPE pipe possesses corrosion resistance and chemical stability, meeting the requirements for conveying water and fertilizer in integrated agricultural irrigation systems.
It is non-toxic, non-polluting during usage, does not affect crop nutrition, and does not compromise nutrient content in fertilizers.
- Low Resistance Water Conveyance
The smooth inner wall of the pipe prevents scaling and minimizes frictional resistance, resulting in reduced pressure loss compared to other pipe materials. This significantly lowers energy consumption for water pumps and improves energy efficiency.
- Cost-Effective Usage
LDPE pipe can be combined with various fittings such as drippers, valves, elbows, and tees to establish a controllable water and fertilizer delivery system. During installation, the pipe can be appropriately bent according to the actual situation, reducing unnecessary connections and lowering construction costs.


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Post time: May-13-2024
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