GreenPlains promotes water-saving irrigation!


The products of GreenPlains Irritech Co., Ltd have been successfully applied in a greenhouse irrigation project, demonstrating their wide application and excellent performance.

The project utilized various products from GreenPlains, including control ball valves, butterfly valves, angle valves, Venturi injectors, flow meters, air release valves, drip tapes, micro-sprinkler hanging kits, control valves, and irrigation mini-valves, among others. The application of these products provided reliable solutions for the greenhouse irrigation system.


Key products from GreenPlains, such as control ball valves, butterfly valves, and air release valves, played a critical role in the project. They demonstrated outstanding pressure resistance and reliable sealing performance, ensuring the stable operation of the irrigation system. Additionally, the application of Venturi injectors, flow meters, and angle valves further enhanced the efficiency and flexibility of the irrigation system.

Drip tapes and micro-sprinkler hanging kits are among the distinctive products of GreenPlains. They showcased unique advantages in the greenhouse irrigation project. Drip tapes deliver water precisely through accurate dripping, saving water while ensuring healthy crop growth. Micro-sprinkler hanging kits evenly spray water mist, creating suitable humidity and temperature conditions in the greenhouse.



Furthermore,GreenPlains’s intelligent irrigation devices, such as control valves, provided a more intelligent and automated operation mode for the greenhouse irrigation system. Through precise control and adjustment, they enable precise management of water quantity, pressure, and irrigation timing, improving water resource utilization efficiency and irrigation effectiveness.

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GreenPlains has been committed to providing advanced products and solutions for agricultural irrigation. The successful application of their products in this greenhouse irrigation project demonstrates the reliability and effectiveness of GreenPlains’s products in real-world scenarios. GreenPlains will continue to innovate and provide more high-quality products and professional services for the development of agricultural irrigation.

Post time: Jun-19-2023