Prevent Water Drainage with GreenPlains’ Anti-Leak Mini-Valve

GreenPlains' new Anti-leak mini-valve for dripline provides multiple interface options, making it suitable for various specifications of drip tapes and drip pipes. This anti-leak device effectively prevents water drainage from lateral lines, ensuring irrigation uniformity. It opens at a pressure of 0.7 bar and closes at 0.6 bar. Whether it's drip tapes or drip pipes, this anti-leak device can be easily adapted, making the irrigation system more efficient and reliable.


Product Features

Prevents water drainage from lateral and main pipes after system shutdown.

Reduces system filling time.

Improves water distribution when installed on slopes during drainage.

Low head loss.

Recommended operating pressure: 1.0-4.0 bar.

Can reinforce drip pipes and emitters even on slopes exceeding the compensating anti-leak closing pressure.

Product Structure

资源 4
资源 5

Technical Parameters

  Lateral Discharge  
  Head Loss  
 250  0.1
 500  0.2
 750  0.8
 1000  1.1
 1250  1.3
 1500  2.6

Actual usage diagram


Post time: May-20-2024
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