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Filter-Hydrocyclone Type

2020-06-08 09:29:20
The Hydro-cyclone system is sand & inorganic particle separator with centrifugal action. Hydro-cyclone is connected together with the angled disc filter to make a com-plate system for fine filtering of water. * Centrifugal sand filter: 95~98% of sand and other particles can be separated from well water through high-speed water flow. * The centrifugal filter is designed to cover a filtration degree range of 45~150 micron, it can be used individually or combined with other filtration (or fertigation) systems.   Sand Separator (Hydro cyclone) is a unique product that is made from Polyamide reinforced by Fiberglass. The high accuracy of the centrifugal production increases the efficiency of trapping the sand particles in the accumulation tank and results in high filtration efficiency. Features and Benefits: A pre-filtration solution for well water where sand capacity is higher than 50ppm Filtration efficiency of more than 90%, separating 300 to 100 micron of sand particles A sustainable solution, corrosion-free and long-lasting Integrated valve for easy cleaning High range of flow rate with very low head loss Available in Universal Flange connection   OUR SERVICES 1. Quick, efficient, and professional response within 24 hours, 14 hours of online services. 2. 10 years of manufacturing experience in the agriculture field. 3. Technical support and solution by the chief engineer. 4. Strict quality control system & team, high reputation in the market. 5. Full range of irrigation products for choice. 6. OEM/ODM services. 7. Accept sample order before Mass Order.      
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