Cookie Policy

1. Definition of Personal Information

Detailed information about your visit to the website and resources you accessed. The Cookie collects a range of information, such as IP address, operating system, and browser used.

Depending on the webpages visited, some pages may have forms that collect information about you, such as your name, postal code number, an E-mail address, etc.

2. Our Cookie Policy

Cookies are used to optimize your website experience based on your past interaction with the site. The Cookie is downloaded and saved by the Internet browser when a website is accessed for the first time. The saved cookie is used at the next visit to enhance website viewing.

The Cookie can be blocked or deleted in such cases where you do not agree with having a Cookie. However, by doing so, the website may not load, or certain functions of the website may not function correctly, due to the blocking of the Cookie.

Note: Currently, none of the Cookies used on our website collect information that can be used to personally identify you.

How to manage and delete Cookies

Cookies can be blocked or deleted through the browser "Setup" (or "Tool") settings. One option is to either accept or refuse all Cookies. The second option is to accept specific cookies from specific websites. The browser can be set up to be adjusted so that it can notify you whenever you receive a Cookie. The management of Cookies and the method of deleting them vary with specific browsers. All browsers vary at this point. In order to check how your browser manages cookies, please use the help function in your browser.