Air blower -double turbine

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The blower usually used in the mixing of fertilizer tanks in irrigation fertilization systems, which can make fertilizers quickly and evenly mixed.

  • Power: 1400W
  • Voltage: 220V 50- 60Hz
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    Air blower -double turbine

    The blower usually used in the mixing of fertilizer tanks in irrigation fertilization systems, which can make fertilizers quickly and evenly mixed.


    资源 1开口器



    This instruction manual contains those basic instructions that must be observed during installation, commissioning and maintenance. Therefore, it is essential that both the fitter and the technical personnel responsible for the plant read this instruction manual before installation and that it is permanently available together with the corresponding blower pump or installation.
    The installation and use of the device must always be in accordance with the applicable regulations on health and safety.
    Before starting the Blower Pump, check that its anchoring is correct.
    Not only the safety instructions detailed in this chapter, but also the special measures and recommendations added in the other chapters of this manual must be observed or respected.


    2.1 Base for the blower pump
    The 1.8 HP Domestica blower pump must be fixed to a support frame, which will have holes for fixing the device flanges (M6 type screws).
    2.2 Air guide system
    The material of the pipes will be rigid PVC. The blower pump must be connected to the air conduction system by means of a metallic flange or glued to a 50mm conduit. It will also be connected through the outlet and above the liquids to be stirred.
    For a typical installation, it is recommended to use 25mm pipe for the diffuser sections at the bottom, as an 8-arm collector.
    2.3 Installation diagram

    资源 3开口器

    2.4   Electrical installation

    资源 4开口器

    Before connecting the electric motor
    to the mains,
    check the local regulations on electrical safety as well as the relevant regulations.
    The wiring will be installed by an electrician.
    Do not disassemble the Blower Pump without having previously disconnected the electrical panel or the power cable to the motor.
    Take the necessary measures to prevent any breakdown..
    This device has a thermal protection relay, which interrupts operation in case of overheating.
    The electrical connection of the Blower can be done in two ways:
    1. Directly to the connection provided for Blower / Agitator of a certified programmable irrigation controller device.
    2. Using strip-type electrical connection terminals for L, N, T inputs, in a certified brand watertight junction box. A manually operated cut-off switch (10 A) and an automatic differential switch will also be installed in the general electrical panel of the irrigation installation. The body of the motor will be connected to the earth of the electrical installation.

    • 3.WARRANTY

    This device has 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period valid from the date of purchase. In the event of a defect, return the product to your reseller, with a description of the failure, proof of purchase and all accessories.
    The warranty will be immediately void if:

    -There are modifications to our material without our written authorization.

    -The material has been misused, incorrectly or negligently or has not been used according to the indications and destination.
    -The product has been used for a purpose other than its intended use.

    The following are excluded from the guarantee:

    -Wear parts of the device.
    -Damage caused by accidents or disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, war, vandalism or theft.


    1. Filling the fertigation tank to the desired level (max. 2m height).
    2. Start of the stirring and homogenization process. The mixture of water with fertilizers will now be subjected to homogenization, normally in sessions of approximately one hour, depending on the volume of the mixture to be stirred.
    The work intervals will be 10s in operation and 100s of stop during all the time that the fertilizer mix lasts.
    In case of excessive ambient temperature, or lack of ventilation, the Blower has a thermal protection that will act to prevent the Blower from overheating. If this occurs, the system will restart operation when the engine operating temperature drops below a pre-assigned lower value.


    Maintenance work may only be carried out by qualified persons.
    This device requires a periodic maintenance operation that consists of partially disassembling it to replace the rotor brush set, approximately every 400 hours of use.
    Do not neglect the cleaning of the device. It does not present any other type of specific maintenance.


    These describe the blower pump, a double turbine device for injecting air into tanks for fertigation.
    6.1 Power: 220V 50-60 Hz
    6.2 Operation: Discontinuous use
    6.3 Main performance parameters:

    资源 5开口器

    6.4 Main performance parameters:

    资源 6开口器


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