GreenPlains HD foot valve: Stable guarantee of agricultural water supply

GreenPlains HD foot valve is a particular type of check valve designed to solve the problem of liquid backflow caused by intermittent operation of water pumps. Its design has been carefully researched and obtained a national patent, which fully proves its excellence in technological innovation and functionality.


HD foot valves are manufactured entirely with highly resistant plastic materials and always with stainless steel elements, which ensures optimal performance in all types of working conditions. All this together with the implementation in its design and its modular polyvalence, make up a key element in the design of its facilities.

HD foot valve

HD foot valve is a special type of check valve. It is installed at the bottom of the water pump pipe when used to prevent the backflow of liquid caused by the intermittent operation of the water pump and ensure normal start-up.


The entrance of the foot valve is protected by a grille to prevent plants and large solid debris in the water from entering the pumping pipe. When the foot valve grid is clogged, pulling the backwash lever can flush away the blockage at the foot valve grid, which can flush and clean it.

Post time: Sep-18-2023
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