GreenPlains is about to launch a new micro sprinkler head!

GreenPlains  new Micro sprinkler!


GreenPlains new Micro sprinkler


You can choose a pressure-compensated micro-sprinkler or a non-pressure-compensated micro-sprinkler according to your needs, and two interface methods are provided: inverted thread connection and flat mouth connection to meet your specific needs.

Our pressure-compensated micro sprinklers are available in three flow options: 70L/H, 100L/H, and 150L/H. With its pressure compensation function, it ensures stable flow output regardless of changes in water pressure. On the other hand, our non-pressure compensated micro-sprinklers have a flow range of 0-220L/H. Suitable for a variety of irrigation applications, these micro-sprinklers provide broad water coverage.

Post time: Oct-17-2023
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