GreenPlains Nano Dripper: Precision irrigation, helps you achieve green growth in agriculture

GreenPlains Nano Dripper It can be widely used in greenhouses, nurseries, citrus, orchards, tree irrigation, and other fields.

Nano dripper

Here are its features and benefits:

  • Pressure Compensation: GreenPlains Nano Dripper can deliver precise and equal amounts of water and nutrients within a wide pressure range, ensuring 100% uniform distribution in lateral pipes.
  • Continuous Self-Cleaning: Throughout the entire operation, GreenPlains Nano Dripper continuously flushes out debris, ensuring smooth operation of the drippers at all times, not just during cycle start or end.
  • Nano Maze Design: The unique Nano maze structure provides wide water passages, deep depth, and broad cross-section, effectively enhancing the clogging resistance of the drippers.
  • Precise Positioning and Scalability: GreenPlains Nano Dripper can be precisely installed at desired locations to meet specific irrigation requirements of plants. Additionally, you can increase the number of drippers to enhance the water supply and accommodate the growth rate of plants. Installing drip arrow sets can also split the drip supply into multiple outlets.



  • Recommended filtration level: 130 microns / 120 mesh. Choose appropriate filtration methods based on the type and concentration of particulate matter in the water.
  • Nano maze design provides wide water passages.
  • Suitable for thick-walled pipes (0.90, 1.00, 1.20 mm).
  • Injection dripper with extremely low CV (coefficient of variation).
  • Available in 2 different outlet options: fitting and barbed to 3 mm ID microtubing.
  • High UV resistance and tolerance to agricultural standard nutrients.


Technical data:

Nano dripperTechnical data

Post time: Sep-27-2023
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