GreenPlains PVC Ball Valves

PVC ball valves, as a star product in the GreenPlains product line, are widely used in various irrigation systems, including agriculture and landscaping. They have gained popularity among customers due to their easy installation, convenient maintenance, strong sealing performance, and smooth operation.


The easy installation of GreenPlains PVC ball valves provides convenience for the construction of irrigation systems. Whether it’s a new system or a retrofit, the design of PVC ball valves makes the installation process efficient and simple. By following the correct operating procedures, the ball valves can be quickly installed, saving time and labor costs.

The outstanding sealing performance of PVC ball valves effectively prevents water leakage. Whether facing high or low-pressure systems, they can stably control the water flow, ensuring the maximum utilization of water resources during irrigation. Their reliable sealing performance provides peace of mind for users during irrigation operations and reduces water waste.


1.Single union ball valve

01 02

Female socket

03 04_1

Female thread

05 06_1

Female male thread

07 08_1


2.Double union ball valve

10 02

Female socket

11 12_2

Female thread

13 14


At GreenPlains, we are committed to providing users with excellent irrigation products and solutions. As a star product in our product line, PVC ball valves will bring more efficient and reliable operation to your irrigation system. Whether you are building agricultural irrigation systems or beautifying landscaping, PVC ball valves are the perfect choice for you.

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Post time: Nov-28-2023
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