Smart agricultural irrigation filtration: a key step towards sustainable agriculture


In modern agriculture, water quality is crucially important. The GreenPlains automatic filter station is an automatic backwash filtration system. The system consists of components such as a stacked disc filter, air valve, solenoid, and controller. It efficiently removes impurities from the water. It not only ensures the safety of water quality but also significantly reduces maintenance costs, providing users with long-term reliable filtering effects.


Intelligent automatic control

The GreenPlains automatic filter station is equipped with a built-in computer chip and water pressure sensor, enabling unmanned automatic control. Users can adjust the operation management flexibly according to their actual needs, achieving intelligent operation.

The filter station has the function of automatic backwashing of dirt and impurities. By sequentially cleaning each unit, it achieves a continuous and uninterrupted filtered water supply. At the same time, by monitoring the pressure difference between the influent and effluent water, it can accurately determine the degree of filter clogging and automatically initiate the backwashing process. Additionally, users can also set manual periodic backwashing process initiation. This intelligent control ensures the stable operation and efficient filtering effect of the filter station.

Modular design

With a modular design, the product can be assembled in a flexible and diverse manner to meet the needs of different filtration flow rates. This design provides the filter with unlimited expansion potential, offering users greater freedom.

Durable materials with multiple options

The main pipe material of the filter station can be chosen as stainless steel or carbon steel, both of which have characteristics of aging resistance and UV resistance, ensuring operation and use under various conditions.

The flexible pipeline connection design can meet the requirements of different irrigation directions, providing stronger adaptability.

Technical specifications

Technical parameters of vertical filter station
Technical parameters of horizontal filter station

Post time: May-08-2024
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